Saturday, May 14, 2016

The Way I Price My Books

There has been a lot of discussion in writer's groups and among readers lately about book pricing, sales, free books, and the devaluation of an author's work. 

Many authors worry about devaluing our work by cutting prices and under-pricing, and feel 99 cent and free books have no place in the marketplace.

I've heard readers say that when they see these low prices and free books, they wonder if the book is priced as such, because we, the author's, think it is an inferior book. One reader shared that she never buys 99 cent or downloads free books, because of that reason.

Others have shared that they get to know an author's habits about deep discounting and simply wait to buy a book until it goes on sale.

So, I'm posting my pricing guidelines, or how I price my books, and why below. Feel free to share your thoughts about pricing in the comments below, if you like.

My Regular Price Points

Short Story/Short Novella - Under 20K words - $0.99
Novellas/Short Novels - 20-50K words - $2.99
Novels - 50-100K words - $3.99 to $4.99
Boxed Sets or Collections - $3.99 - $9.99

Some caveats:
I never price at $1.99. So, a book either has to go $0.99 or $2.99, and if it's in the 15-20K range, I could go either way, depending upon the genre of the story and whether it is part of a series, or not. 

I write a lot of short stories/short novellas, so you'll see a number of $0.99 books on my list. Just remember, these are short stories or short novellas, not full-length books, so the $0.99 price point is a good price for those. It's not a devaluation, it's where I think the price should be according to the length of the story, and the amount of time it took for me to write it. 

Boxed set prices can range, depending on content, length of the single title books, and how long the book has been on the market. For example, I have a set of four books in a set that have been in the marketplace for 20 years -- I price those lower. For a new content boxed set, the price is higher. 

What's listed above are my regular prices for 2016. Remember, things can always change, and the price points very well could go up in the future; however, I'm pretty confident that my short stories and very short novellas will always remain in the $0.99 pricing category, because it's impossible to go lower.

Sales and Perma-free Ebooks

I have three Perma-free Ebooks. These books are all first in series, for a well-established series. Two of the series are still growing, with new books being added. The first book will always remain free.

When a new series is getting started and not yet established, I'll not make the first book free. Yet. It could, and likely will, happen down the road, but not initially. 

I generally do not put random books on sale any longer. I never say never, because there could be a strategic reason why I would want to do so - but my general rule of practice these days is not to randomly discount. What works for me best, is to discount the book during pre-order and the initial release month. So, if you are looking to score discounted books from me, the time to do that with my books is during its release phase. I consider the release phase to be pre-order + one month. After that, the book goes up to regular price and stays there indefinitely. 

Boxed sets and collections may be driven by the group of authors who are putting the set together, and there are often parameters about pricing and release dates, and the length of time the set is on sale vs pricing. It varies.  If it is a boxed set published by me, with my own titles only, I will likely use the same method as described above - sale price pre-order + one month. But again, it could vary according to the marketing strategy planned.

The good news is, I release often, several titles a year, so there are always chances to score discounted books. :) 

The bottom line is, I am not about devaluing my books, or anyone else's. My price points are strategic and any free or deep discounted books are for a purpose. It's part of a strategic marketing plan. And one last caveat - these are my thoughts, for my books, and may not work for anyone else, but this is what works for me! 

Friday, April 29, 2016

A New Look - Legend's Landing Bed & Breakfast Series

Many of you have read the Ladies of Legend books written by Janet Eaves, Jan Scarbrough, Magdalena Scott, and myself. Several months ago when our publishing house closed, we decided we each would control our own books from now on. So, with that in mind, I set out to rebrand my books. Same stories, same titles, new covers (mostly), and a new series name and brand. Welcome to Legend's Landing B&B!


Bed and Breakfast owner, Suzie Schul and Chef Brad Matthews

Suzie Schul has it all. A booming business, a wonderful town to live in, and, well, food. Yeah, she loves to cook and she’s the best darned cook in Legend, Tennessee. Everybody says so. She runs her own B&B, has published a cookbook, conducts cooking classes on Saturdays, and caters for special events and holidays. What more could she want, really? Nothing, that she will admit, anyway.

And let's not even think about that brief escape to Gatlinburg several months back when she had separated from her then-husband, Cliff. Or the fact that the man ran off with her little sister while they were, um, estranged. And let's definitely not bring to light that she'd never really revealed to anyone in the small town of Legend what exactly had happened between her and Cliff. Or the fact that while she was off "finding herself" and "losing her husband" at the same time, she sort of, well, had a fling. But never mind about that, because "the fling" is long gone and likely doesn't even know where to find her. Besides, he was trouble.

And just when Suzie thinks all is well, Mr. Trouble rides up to her B&B doorstep on a bad-ass Harley and tosses her perfect little world into some kind of big, bad tumble. READ MORE >>

Monday, April 18, 2016

Today's #MondayMashup with Maddie James

It's a quiet Monday morning in Maddie Land. I hope all is well in your world! Here's your mashup for today, Monday, April 18, 2016. (How in the world is it April 18 already????)

I'm blogging today over at Wild and Wicked Cowboys. Come read more about Jan Scarbrough's latest addition to our Montana Rancher's series.

Did you miss my blog last week at Gems in the Attic? The subject was Softball, Baseball, and The Heartbreaker. Drop by if you get a chance.

I have two titles up for pre-order. (Yes, I've been busy!). For the past six months or so I've been working to complete several unfinished projects.

The Complete Bella Masters Short Story Collection is an anthology of ten erotic short stories that mostly (except for two) were previously published under other pen names of mine. Since I am no longer going the extra pen name route, and am writing everything under the one, Maddie James, pen name, I've collected them together in this new volume. Plus, there are two new, never more published, stories. These stories range from short stories to short novellas - all erotic.

Grab your pre-order now from IBOOKS | BARNES AND NOBLE | KOBO
This collection is also now available in PAPERBACK!
This pre-order is at the regular price of $2.99

The second title available for pre-order is Trust Me. This story was once a novella, published many years ago by a small publishing house. It's now a full-blown novel with the same premise. (The novella has not been available for years, and won't be). Here is the premise.

Tuesday, April 05, 2016

A Teaser from WIND RIDGE - #TeaserTuesday

Today's Teaser is from my latest release, Wind Ridge. Bekah McCauley is at the local feed store buying more plants for her garden--the garden that was just torn up by fox hounds ripping through while chasing a coyote. For the second time that day, she has an encounter with the infamous Collin Kramer...

“I don’t need your help, Mr. Kramer.”
“I didn’t say you did. I feel responsible.”
“Don’t you get it? I don’t want your help. I just want you to stay on your own side of the damn fence.”
“Stubborn woman.” The two words whooshed out of his pursed mouth. Collin swiveled toward Butch. “Baker, fix her up with whatever she needs and put it on my bill.” He turned to head for the exit.
Bekah stepped forward. “No. Don’t do it Butch.”
Collin whirled. “Do it.”
“No!” She faced him.
“I’ve already given the order.”
“And you’re so damned used to getting what you want, aren’t you?”
“That’s generally the way it works.” He inched closer.
“Well not this time.”
“Really?” Collin chuckled.
“And why is that?”
His tongue swiped across his lower lip and Bekah’s pulse quickened. “Because you’ve never had to deal with me before.”
Butch hooted from behind the counter. Collin glanced to him and then back to Bekah. In one swift motion, he grabbed both of Bekah’s shoulders. As he hauled her body into his, his lips descended, searing down on hers. Hot, steaming, smoldering liquid heat enveloped her mouth.
Well, shit! Bekah tensed up. Her hands shot up between their chests and she pushed with all her might, but his arms were wound too tightly around her. His tongue dipped between her lips. Testing, taunting… She felt like biting it, but her eyes closed involuntarily and she found herself returning the kiss as fervently as he gave it. Hot breath escaping, flesh mingling, lips tasting. Push-pull. A tug-of-war, a battle of wills, each trying to outdo or perhaps dominate the other.
Or prove a point. Butch whooped again from behind the counter.
Collin released her and took a step backward, steadying her. “And you, little lady, have never had to deal with me before.”

Monday, April 04, 2016

Today's #MondayMashup with Maddie James - April 4, 2016

Happy April!

My April newsletter went out this morning. If you aren't on my list, you can sign up here. Many thanks for subscribing!

Remember, my latest release, Wind Ridge, is on sale at 99 cents for the month of April. Be sure to grab it while you can, as this one will not be on sale again this year. You can find Wind Ridge at all ebook retailers and in print.


Giveaway! Check out this link for my latest Amazon Kindle ebook giveaway! 

Have you read any of the Montana McKenna books yet? Jan Scarbrough's latest in our cowboy sereis is now available for pre-order. You'll want to see what happens next with Liz!